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As I prepare to begin publishing the first OmbudPost weekly newsletters, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the stories that I’m preparing for readers!

The following is just a sampling of some of the stories I’ve got in the works, but I didn’t like the idea of launching OP without giving people some idea of what they can expect to see hitting their inbox once they subscribe to the OP newsletter!

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PTS̶CD - Post-Traumatic Cancel Disorder: An Open Letter to The American Psychiatric Association

Psychiatric clinicians and social scientists of all stripes need to study the extraordinary damage that’s being caused to victims of Cancel Culture and recreational outrage. Furthermore, medical and mental health institutions need to examine where trauma-related disorders like mine should fall into current diagnosis criteria (specifically, DSM-5) and whether new space needs to be created for the untold many people like me.

Betrayed By The Left

How my experience and the Left’s continual denial of stories like mine foretells an avoidable political disaster for my fellow Lefties

Free. Dumb. Press. You get what you pay for.

We have gone from “Freedom of the Press” to expecting every bit of information to be delivered free, fast, and be fun to consume… and it’s destroyed our press.

“Dear Investigative Journalists, I’m begging you to investigate my story.”

You wouldn’t believe how many journalists and publications I reached out to about my story (at the suggestion of my therapist) and how few even bothered to respond… So, I’ll show you. And, I’ll explore an interesting phenomenon I experienced in the process: I’m a Lefty but it’s only been those on the Right or journalists who write for Right-leaning publications who showed any interest in my story or expressed any empathy or sympathy for my experiences.

If All Politicians Suck and All Media is Bullshit, It’s Because We Say So

The self-fulfilling prophecy that’s destroying America

Why are the people who get canceled the only ones who ever have to apologize?

Many times, people are deservedly canceled. But not always. People are wrongly canceled all the time. The punishment doesn’t match the crime of a canceled person all the time. Will victims of cancel culture ever get an apology from the hundreds, thousands, or millions, who made them suffer?

It’s Time To Build A Restorative Justice System for Cancelled People

The ultimate dream of OmbudPost is two-fold:

1 - Ensure that all of the resources I wish I would have had when I was brought down by a slanderous and entirely false news story, becomes readily available to people targeted by and victimized by social vigilantism and unethical media coverage. That way, others can be spared a similar fate to my own.

2 - Shift the social culture and expectations of the press to a point where the aforementioned resources will no longer be needed because people are no longer being targeted by and victimized by social vigilantism and unethical media coverage.

Aaron Rodgers is right: The Media Writes for Clicks

It’s led to the worst kind of “journalism” and news media, and it’s gotta stop.

Here are my past accomplishments of proud public service that were buried by recreational outrage and Cancel Culture

A lifetime of admirable work has all but vanished. And you could be next.

Breaking down Cancel Culture: A Series

Part 1: Targets

The term Cancel Culture is so new and yet ubiquitous in the circles that use the term that it’s lost any meaning or concrete frameworks if any ever existed. Getting clear on this is important. Credibly Accused vs. Falsely Accused /// Public Figures vs. Private People /// Violators of Cultural Norms vs. Violators of the Law ///

Organizations such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter should be at the forefront of getting cancel culture and recreational outrage in check

While there’s a strong case to make that the Right invented Cancel Culture and Recreational Outrage, the modern Woke Left are the primary users of these tools for cultural correction and they only know how to use it on other Liberals. The Woke Left has turned these tools into weapons and now uses them like an indiscriminate machine gun rather than a restrained precision sniper rifle. It’s a power that is intoxicating and devastating but only to their targets (which is almost always another person on the traditional political Left). Eventually, people will see the collateral damage the use of these weapons has left behind which will come back to bite important organizations and movements on the Left and the entire political Left as a result.

Why don’t news organizations and their publishers clearly state what ethical standards they adhere to?

Is it because they don’t have any?

Why do these people get to evade consequences, but I don’t?

I have provided iron-clad proof that several people who aided in my defamation, lied to The La Crosse Tribune. I have made sure The Tribune is aware of these lies and contradictions, so why has The Tribune chosen not to correct the record and make their readers aware of the lies they printed? Why was I treated so poorly, yet the people who lied to the paper have gotten off scot-free? And what about the people who knew I was innocent and didn’t speak up? Or the high school teacher who posted on Facebook about potentially hacking my electronic devices to punish me (for something I didn’t do)? Or what about the executive director of one of the biggest nonprofits in our region who aided in publishing the defamatory Facebook post that led to my downfall and included calls for people to tell me to “go fuck myself” and who could have deleted the post but didn’t? Or the people who scammed me out of $10,000+?

I was sentenced to years in exile over something I didn't do. Meanwhile, everyone else got to avoid any consequences. One of the most egregious liars of the bunch even got to hang out on a Zoom call with Dr. Jill Biden. It’s not right, but apparently, it’s OK?

Reflecting on Mental Health Day

What happened after I went public with my mental health struggles?

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