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OP is seeking your suggestions for:

Compelling Stories (and topics for stories)

Were you or someone you know a victim of unethical journalism, an online mob, or cancel culture?

Got a story or topic worth exploring and putting a spotlight on? Maybe it’s something no one has ever heard before… or perhaps it’s a compelling article that not enough people have read yet?

We want to hear your suggestions for compelling stories so we can share them with the world, through one of two storytelling formats:

  1. Original Stories written and published by OmbudPost.

  2. Curated Stories written by others and shared with you by OmbudPost in a blogging style format (sharing someone else’s story with OB’s thoughts to go along with it).

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OP also needs your help to best support OP subscribers who are victims of one or more of the societal diseases OP is tackling, that means, we are looking for suggestions for:
  • Existing Resources for victims.

  • Existing Sources of Valuable Advice for victims.

  • Existing Communities for Victims for victims.

  • Existing Opportunities to Make Connections for victims.

In the coming weeks and months, OP will be developing our own resources, guides, etc., as well as forums (such as through a secure Discord channel) for victims to connect with each other and those who can help them recover. However, until then, if there are existing resources worth sharing with victims, we would like to share those in the meantime.

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